FAQ on 10MT

10 Frequently Asked Questions

How does 10MT work?

Simply, tell us what subject and level you need help with, and 10MT will connect you instantly with its next available tutor. Each session lasts 10 minutes. You may leave before the end of the session but will still be charged the base fee (first 10 minutes). Extension is possible if you require one, and that the tutor is continually available. If an active session is disconnected for any reason, just look for it under the “Ongoing Sessions” section, and reconnect. 10MT will never charge you before the end of a session.

Are 10MT tutors really certified?

That’s 100%! All 10MT tutors possess one or more recognized, professional teaching qualification, and are familiar with local curriculum and pedagogy.

How much does 10MT charge?

For Singapore-based tutors, each session is chargeable at SGD 10, irrespective of subject and level, for the first 10 minutes (”Base Session”). There is no refund on unused minute(s) of Base Session. Extension if needed, is pro rata: SGD 1 per minute.

To illustrates, if a student consumes 8 more minutes after the Base Session, the total charge would be (10 + 8) SGD 18. As 10MT sessions laser-focus on problem-solving, students actually spend lesser time (and money) getting their homework and revision done, compared to tuition.

What if I do not like the tutor 10MT found, may I “Cancel” the request?

Yes, you may. 10MT allows up to 5 cancellations per day and 10 per week, without consequence.

Is 10MT available only on mobile?

Yes. However, a desktop version will be available by end 2021, to cater to users who prefer a desktop experience. Users on either version may still interact seamlessly with one another.

What if I have scheduled a session with a 10MT tutor and did not turn up?

If you are the no-show, your booking fee (equivalent to the first 10 mins’ fee) shall go towards paying the tutor for making time for the session.

What if I have scheduled a session with a 10MT tutor and the tutor did not turn up?

We take tutor-no-show very seriously. In addition to mandatory counselling and suspension, repeat offenders might also have their tutor accounts terminated. In all cases, you shall receive a full refund of your booking fee.

Will a session be cut off as soon as the first 10 (or extended) minutes are up?

3 minutes before the end of a session, a countdown timer will remind the participants that the session is nearing its end. Participants may choose to wrap up or extend the session. Nonetheless, as a safety measure, 10MT will auto-terminate any session that is not extended by its expiration time.

Do you accept payment methods other than credit cards?

For the convenience of our users, 10MT supports card-on-file transactions. That way, users need not repeatedly provide their card information whenever a session is due for payment. Credit card data are secured and protected by PCI-compliant payment processing companies. 10MT does not keep that information.

Students who prefer to control their monthly tuition spending may also opt to pay using their 10MT e-wallet, found within the app. Just top up the e-wallet as and when necessary. Remember to check out our attractive top-up promotions from time to time!

Why do you video-record a session?

Recording allows 10MT to review the performance of our tutors from time to time, and manage dispute when necessary. It helps us ensure the safety of our users.

Parents and students may also use the videos for revision and progress monitoring purposes.

All videos are encrypted and stored securely, accessible only by our senior management, on an absolutely need to basis.

10-Minute Tutor relies on cloud communications platform hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres, which are highly scalable, secure, and reliable. AWS complies with leading security policies and frameworks, including SSAE 16, SOC framework, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. It also supports TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 to encrypt network traffic. Combined, they ensure that the application, its related transmission and storage are as safe as they are dependable.

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